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Construction machinery industry ushered in recovery growth

Time:2018/09/12 Clicks:

On September 20, Caterpillar's new generation of hydraulic excavators, the world's premier, attracted a large audience at the China (Beijing) International Construction Machinery Exhibition in 2017. On the same day, Caterpillar launched six smart products and solutions in one breath, becoming a highlight of the exhibition.


The exhibition is the first large-scale international exhibition since the global construction machinery industry recovery. In addition to Caterpillar, more than 1000 R&D, manufacturing and service organizations from Sany Group, Zhonglian Heavy Industry Section, Xugong and other construction machinery industries participated in the exhibition. Behind the vigorous popularity, the construction machinery industry after 5 years of "cold winter" after ushered in the resumption of growth.


Data from the China Association of Engineering Machinery Industry show that in August this year, about 8,700 excavators were sold by major excavator manufacturers, with the growth rate of more than 100% for five consecutive months.


"Despite the deep adjustment in the past five years, China is still the most important construction machinery market in the world and the largest market in the world." Qi Jun, president of the China Construction Machinery Industry Association, said that the world's mainstream construction machinery manufacturers are already operating in China, many have also achieved a deep localization of the layout, Chinese enterprises will also expand the product antenna from the traditional emerging markets to Europe and the United States developed countries and regions.


In the view of Chen Qihua, vice president of Caterpillar global and chairman of Caterpillar (China) investment company, in addition to cyclical factors, the main factors driving the growth of construction machinery industry lie in the national infrastructure construction projects, real estate development, urbanization, "one belt and one road" construction and the acceleration of landing of PPP projects. However, Chen Qihua also said that the current market growth characteristics and five years ago, the construction machinery industry has entered a new era characterized by intelligent machines and intelligent services.


This judgement has been approved by Wang Min, chairman of Xugong Group. In the past five years, he said, China's construction machinery industry has accelerated its deployment in the Internet of Things, the industrial cloud and smart manufacturing, rather than moving in the same direction. In this exhibition, Xugong's new products are not only lack of the latest R & D intelligent products.


How long can the growth momentum of the construction machinery market last? Chen Qihua said that from next year, the construction machinery industry is expected to enter a sustained and stable stage. In the next two or three years, the construction machinery industry will maintain a relatively moderate and stable growth.


This view also represents the views of many exhibitors. Especially with the recovery of China's economy to a better situation is becoming more and more obvious, the majority of enterprises to further enhance confidence in development.


At present, China's construction machinery industry is a fully open and free competition market, the speed of eliminating the fittest has been accelerated. A Fujian construction machinery company official said that with the continuous improvement of national environmental protection requirements, industry emission standards may be put on the agenda around 2019.