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US plans to launch trillions of infrastructure reconstructio

Time:2018/09/12 Clicks:
According to US media reports, the White House is preparing to launch a long-overdue infrastructure rebuilding plan in January next year. U.S. President Trump's advisers believe voters want the government to come up with a $1 trillion road and bridge construction plan. According to the report, Trump's advisers are making a final revision of the plan, under which the federal government will directly invest at least $200 billion in the budget and prize hundreds of billions of dollars in local government and private sector investors accordingly.

Trump's consistent view emphasizes that the government should increase its deficit and expand infrastructure construction. Increased investment in infrastructure in the United States will drive demand for related equipment such as construction machinery. Domestic related industries exported to the United States will benefit directly from listed companies. Meanwhile, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) report on responding to Asia's infrastructure needs predicts that the total infrastructure demand in the Asia-Pacific region will exceed $26 trillion from 2016 to 2030, with an average adult figure of more than $1.7 trillion. The large-scale infrastructure construction of China and the United States and the rise of infrastructure in India, Southeast Asia and other emerging countries also agree with China's "one belt and one road" strategy.