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Why Pump Concrete

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Simple ... To save time, save money, increase profits
A concrete pump places concrete faster and more accurately with less labor than any other method. As construction preference has moved from precast panels or block-wall foundations to poured in-place concrete, the concrete pumping industry has developed equipment to meet the technical needs of pouring concrete. Today, the pumping industry is becoming more and more the method of choice to place concrete. Pumping concrete is faster, more effective and more accurate than traditional truck dumping. This translates to better use of your personnel, less time spent with ready-mix trucks waiting on site and often the ability to accomplish more work in a given day.

 zoomwolf placing booms and concrete pumps are market leaders with stability,innovation and super German components. we have many years of experience in the manufacture and production of placing boom and posses many self-owned  patents in pumping and mixing system, our inner hydraulic oil tank keeps preferred in the market with longer service life and excellent performance.